Ralph Lauren Corporation is a global leader in the premium lifestyle industry, design, marketing and retail wise. For more than 50 years, it has been Ralph Lauren’s concern to maintain a differentiated reputation and image, with new products, brands and international markets. The group’s brands are some of the best known worldwide.
Polo Ralph Lauren for men
Authentic and emblematic, Polo is the ultimate symbol of a modern college lifestyle. It combines the classics from some of the most prestigious american universities, with the best english design, with urban and sport looks. Polo’s sport and classic lines present a unique vision of menswear: elegante, timeless, and appealing for men of all generations. Polo’s emblematic aestethics, and the world famous logo with a man playing polo, is often imitated, but never equated.
Polo Ralph Lauren for woman
Polo is the new symbol of personal afirmation for the modern woman. With a bohemian, romantic and somehow sport style, Polo combines the typical american look with na eccletic and urban touch, resulting in a unique charm. From sophisticated twees and classic little black dresses, to bold and urban looks, Polo’s style is uncomplicated, energetic, modern and open minded.