MGC – Mundicenter Gift Card

The Mundicenter Gift-Card is a gift card that can be purchased from the information desk on the first floor. It costs € 2.5 and can be charged with a maximum of 2.000€, as often as you like, with a two-year validity period. Its use is exclusive to adherent stores.

Corporate card

It is a card that gives discounts, special offers and benefits to companies. To obtain it, the request must be presented to Amoreiras by Human Resources from your workplace.

Trolleys/Wheel chairs

Next to the Shopping Center’s information desk, on the first floor, you will find a set of wheelchairs and strollers available to all visitors. It can be used without any charge, without forgetting to return it after, at the same place.


Shopping offers a free wireless Internet connection to its visitors at any place of the center, which reaches a download speed of 1MB per second and 512KB uploading.

Vip parking

A valet parking service that guarantees you all the comfort, security and professionalism. You do not need to worry because the Vip Parking team parks and brings your car to you. Located in the green zone, on floor -1, it has a cost of € 5, which is added to the price of the parking ticket.


  • Monday to Thurday and Sunday, from 10AM to 10PM
  • Friday and Saturday, from 10AM to 12AM


“Amoreiras Towers – Play in Art” is a playground where kids can play educational games with other children while under the watchful eye of adults. It is located on the first floor, in front of the supermarket.

Catholic church

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Amoreiras is located on the first floor and is a place of faith. Every weekday, a eucharist is said by the parish priest José Manuel Pereira de Almeida.

Tax free

If you reside in an extra-communitary country and you are just visiting the shopping center, be aware that the VAT value corresponding to your purchases can be returned in the same day, up to 15% of the value of your purchases, for each buy equal or superior to 61,50€. This process can be carried out at the Nova Cambio store upon presentation of all purchase receipt.